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brief aan Frank Clarck van Superfan Elly die me hoorde op Q music

Hello Frank Clarck. I'm a Qmusic listener, especially Club De Cock, and got to know you first by hearing you talking over the phone with Tom De Cock. I was intrigued by how you described your newest song, Loneliness. Listening to the first note ????, took me to another dimension. I wasn't prepared for it. But at that instant, you reached my heart and mind completely! You're a very talented man! It was so great to get to know your music and the man behind it ♥️. I can tell you now that after checking out your other songs on Spotify, I became a true fan of your work ????. I hope that one day I'll be able (as a wheelchair user) to enjoy a life performance from you! I'm posting this message with the utmost respect and love for your incredible talent ???? ❤️. My native language is Dutch, but I wanted to write this in English so it can reach a bigger awareness all over the world for you ???? ❤️ ????. Thank you for replying to me directly. The fact that you're treating people equally cause I am just merely an older woman who enjoyed your music showed me you are a humble, respectful man. I know for sure that day will come true for you! With love from your newest fan, Elly